Commercial Gutter Guards

Guttermesh 660 GSM Commercial gutter guards

Commercial Gutter Guard Supplier

Leafshield Gutter Protection stands as the leading supplier
of commercial gutter guards, catering to various commercial projects
across Queensland. Our expertise spans commercial buildings , apartment blocks,
schools, shopping centres, warehouses, and government buildings, ensuring your
infrastructure is protected with top-quality commercial gutter guard solution.

Comprehensive Services for Trade and Architectural Projects

At Leafshield, we go beyond just supplying gutter guards. Our commitment to excellence includes offering complimentary design services and free quotes for trade and architectural projects. Whether you’re planning a new build or upgrading existing structures, our team is here to provide expert guidance and tailored solutions.

Why Choose Leafshield?

• Wide Coverage: Serving projects throughout Queensland

• Expertise: Specialised in large-scale commercial projects.

• Quality Assurance: Commercial-grade gutter guards designed to last.

• Complimentary Services: Free design consultation and quotes.

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Ready to protect your commercial project with the best gutter guard solutions? Contact Leafshield today for a complimentary design consultation and a free quote. Let’s work together to ensure your project is equipped with the highest standard of gutter protection.



Tapex’s reliable, high density 660gsm polyethylene is manufactured using industry leading extrusion technology specifically engineered for efficient gutter protection from a wide range of hazards including leaf protection, bird and vermin protection

• 3.7mm aperture
• 2mm strand thickness
• 100% virgin food-grade material
• Excellent maintenance-free gutter protection
• Proudly manufactured in Australia

Leaf Shield Gutter Protection is Australia’s leading brand of gutter guard products. Our gutter guards are the number one choice for gutter protection since 1995 in Brisbane, Queensland and Northern NSW with over 25 years experience.