Fine Leafmesh

Fine Leafmesh
15 Year Guarantee

Material: Aluminium & Stainless Steel

Fine Leaf Mesh is the best product to keep the small leaves from Jacarandas, Poinciannas, Leopard Trees and Pine needles out of the gutters.

  • Colour- Black
  • Fire Rating of 1
  • Also available in brass for copper gutters

*additional charge for colours.


Stainless Steel and Aluminium Guttermesh – Suitable for Jacarandas, wattles, leopard tree leaves and fine pine needles

In 2008, Leaf Shield realised none of the gutter mesh available in Brisbane were suitable for very fine leaves, such as jacarandas, wattles, leopard trees and fine pine needles.

We sourced a reliable mesh to cater for these trees and added Fine leaf Mesh to our gutter guard range.

Anyone with a jacaranda near their house will know the leaves can cause valleys and gutters to overflow.  Blocked valleys and gutters can lead to ceiling damage.  Fine Leaf mesh gutter guard will stop these small leaves entering your gutters and keep them working effectively.

Our Fine Leaf Mesh, in both Stainless Steel and Aluminium, come in black as a standard colour but can be painted to match most colorbond and tile colours.  When painted, Fine Leaf Mesh is almost invisible from a distance.

If you have fine leaves in your gutters, phone Leaf Shield Gutter Protection on 1300 362 246 for a free quote.


We have a range of gutter guards to suit any leaf type and will help you choose the right system for your leaf and roof type.

Colours Available

Call us now on 1300 36 22 46 for a free no obligation quote and receive a free gutter clean with every installation.

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Fine Leafmesh Black


Fine Leafmesh Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean

Fine Leafmesh Jasper


Fine Leafmesh Manor Red

Manor Red

Fine Leafmesh Pele Eucalypt

Pale Eucalypt

Fine Leafmesh Shale grey

Shale Grey

Fine Leafmesh Woodland grey

Woodland Grey