Bird Proofing Solar Mesh

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Are you tired of constantly dealing with pesky birds and vermin seeking refuge under your solar panels? This repeat problem is not only annoying, it can also lead to damaged cables, scratches on your solar panels, and a substantial decrease in your solar panel efficiency. 

At Leafshield, we have engineered a perfect solution for you – our specially designed Solar Mesh. It’s a revolutionary technology that provides a solid and trustworthy defense for your solar panels. Unlike generic bird proofing methods, our Solar Mesh dramatically prevents pest birds and vermin from reaching, nesting, and gnawing at your solar panels.

Our Solar Mesh not only obstructs unwanted creatures but also assures your solar panels’ prolonged longevity by eliminating potential damage risk. And the best part? It significantly reduces your cleaning and maintenance efforts, saving you time, effort, and money in the long run. With your solar panels protected by our Solar Mesh, you’ll enjoy their maximum efficiency for many more years.

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Installing since 1995

Quality Stainless Steel Mesh

Prevents birds and Possums

Easily moulds to your roof

Introducing our quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh. Crafted from durable steel this solar panel guard offers robust protection against the elements, ensuring resilience to weather and rust.

Let Leafshield protect your solar panels! Call for your free quote today 1300 362 246

Enhance solar panel longevity with our Bird-Proofing Mesh — a durable solution crafted to safeguard against bird nesting. Protect your investment and maintain peak efficiency effortlessly.